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Take the Guesswork out of Your Decision-Making

We deliver tailored BI solutions for data-driven businesses

Next-generation business intelligence solutions

From sourcing to presenting your most sought-after data, we help open the door to a wealth of insights on business development, marketing, customer experience, human resource management, performance efficiency, and more. Seamlessly fitting enterprise IT landscapes, our solutions communicate with multiple integrated data sources to gain value from all the information at hand.
Industry focus is the cornerstone of our approach to business intelligence solutions. As data needs vary from one organization to another, we pay particular attention to business specifics of each customer, whether they belong to retail, manufacturing, healthcare, banking or other verticals.

Our scope of business intelligence services

Our team is competent to cover a full range of business intelligence services — from consulting and BI solutions implementation to end-to-end testing and support. Whether you want to create tailored business intelligence software from scratch or fine-tune and orchestrate your existing BI-enabled products — we are here to help. Let us build your standalone tools or add BI features to web and mobile applications, including those in the cloud.

BI Consulting

Let our team of data scientists, business consultants, and business intelligence engineers analyze your technical requirements, existing data infrastructure, and business goals to deliver a strategy and a detailed implementation roadmap for your BI-powered system.

Our consulting approach is results-driven — we work out a wide range of custom KPIs and monitoring algorithms to control the BI solution’s performance, assess its business value, and significantly increase ROI.

BI integration services

Capitalize on our integration experience to leverage the power of a wide range of enterprise-grade business intelligence systems and to equip your software with next-generation analytical capabilities.

Streamlined access to data and data sources, interactive reports and live analytics, high compliance and extreme data security — that’s what you get from marrying your solution with the major BI platforms like Amazon QuickSight, Microsoft Power BI, Oracle BI, and more.

BI testing

Leverage our QA team’s expertise in end-to-end testing to control the integrity and security of your business intelligence ecosystem, including data sources, data warehouses, analysis and reporting modules, and more.

We combine the power of our custom test automation framework and BI testing best practices to ensure data integrity and security across ETL cycle, guarantee on-demand scalability of data warehouses, and improve the overall performance of your business intelligence solution.

BI Solutions Development

Tap into our expertise in big data and business intelligence development to build ETL infrastructure, optimize workflow management, smoothly integrate your BI solution into the data ecosystem, and continuously control all your data flows.

We utilize custom-made pattern recognition algorithms, neural networks, and pre-trained ML models to help you automate unstructured data classification, improve overall data quality, and turn all your user data into actionable insights.

BI maintenance and support

Engage our team of BI engineers and support technicians to be sure that any issues are addressed within minutes, not days.

Our Tier 2 and 3 specialists utilize a proactive maintenance approach and tailored monitoring tools to eliminate downtime of your business intelligence solutions, keep their health and performance at a 100% around-the-clock, and dramatically decrease maintenance costs.

Professional BI Consulting

Use a data-driven approach to gain a competitive edge

Tap into our business intelligence consulting services to address your business needs

Since our inception, we’ve delivered full-cycle BI consulting services, helping companies seal data gaps, glean unprecedented insights into operations, and facilitate mission-critical data-driven workflows.

Leverage our full-fledged BI consulting services

Whether you’ve just started planning your BI project or you’re halfway through it, we’ve got you covered.

Custom BI software development

Unwrap our multi-year experience in software development to build an enterprise-grade BI solution. Crunch evolving data volumes from a wide range of sources, cut out all the noise, and pull meaningful business performance insights.

Smooth BI solution integration

Capitalize on our advanced data integration skills to seamlessly connect your enterprise solutions with any third-party business intelligence system. Bring all mission-critical data into a single silo and access it at any time to accelerate decision-making and increase overall productivity.

Whether your BI system needs functionality extension, more flexibility, or increased performance, we’ve got your back. Leverage our expertise around API development, nondisruptive re-architecturing, and performance engineering to invigorate your solution.

Enhance business performance analysis

  • Allocating an expert team for on-site audits
  • Defining areas of investigation around business performance
  • In-depth business case analysis
  • Inter-department efficiency analysis
  • Business requirements management

Accelerate decision-making

  • Advanced stakeholder management
  • Consulting on the optimal reporting model
  • Creating a coherent data access management structure
  • Developing a skills matrix to identify training needs
  • TCO optimization consulting

Tap into our full-fledged business intelligence integration services

Underpinned by expertise in business intelligence consulting and related domains, we successfully solve one of the major challenges of a modern enterprise — the exponential growth of disparate, heterogeneous data.

Leverage our full-fledged BI consulting services

Our business intelligence team uses cutting-edge techniques and approaches to integrate numerous data sets extracted from different sources and organize them in one manageable silo.

Overarching data warehousing

Take full advantage of your historical and real-time data by integrating it in a warehouse — a single persistent data storage. We follow best practices around ETL, EAI, and EII to simplify access to data scattered across multiple environments, including ERP software, IoT, social media, and more.

Comprehensive data virtualization

Create a single virtual data layer to retrieve and manipulate data in real time without requiring its technical details. Data virtualization allows getting analytics into production faster, which significantly improves business agility without disrupting operations.

Proactive data governance

Our business intelligence integration experts perform a series of data governance procedures to make your data consistent, complete, accurate, usabale, and secure. We are also responsible for establishing a set of policies and procedures that determine how data should be stored, handled, archived, and backed up.

Advanced data visualization

We implement best practices around OLAP analysis, ML, and data mining to parse data and provide you with meaningful insights — including customer intelligence, athlete performance, QoE and QoS analytics, or anything else. All the findings are presented in customizable reports and interactive dashboards, easily accessible to even non-tech stakeholders.

Business Intelligence Testing at Scale

Ensuring the consistency and accuracy of all BI elements and operations

Tap Into Our Business Intelligence Testing Services to Outstrip the Competition

Backed by multi-year experience in business intelligence solution development and software testing, we enable you to deliver BI solutions of outstanding quality. Capitalize on our full-fledged BI testing services to refine your BI reports as well as validate data in terms of reliability, uniformity, performance, and security.

Boost Stakeholder Confidence and Cut Cost to Fix

Unlock the full gamut of our QA services that includes all common test types and beyond. From integration, migration, and regression testing to checking data for compatibility, performance, and security, our QA experts apply the latest tools and complex test automation to discover problems early and improve your solution’s quality.
As part of our standalone BI testing offering, we allocate mature dedicated QA teams with the right structure and domain knowledge to ensure your project’s success. Spearheaded by experienced QA leads, our teams will deliver above and beyond your testing needs — covering things like QA strategy consulting and test automation ROI evaluation.

Comprehensive Business Intelligence Testing

ETL Testing

We provide full-cycle BI testing services to ensure data consistency across the entire extract-transform-load process. From data source identification and data acquisition to dimensional modeling and test deployment — we’ve got you covered.

Count on us to perform automated ETL testing. We use cutting-edge tools like QuerySurge, ICEDQ, Datagaps ETL Validator, and QualiDI to successfully validate huge datasets and ensure successful data transition.

Warehouse Testing

Engage our experienced BI testing engineers in functional and non-functional testing of your data warehouse. Leverage performance testing to make sure the DWH can handle the ever-increasing data volume as well as thousands of concurrent users working on the same database.

Our overarching security testing service will help you check access roles accuracy, data encryption, and backup implementations. Perform warehouse migration testing to ensure data consistency and business continuity when transferring data from one enterprise system to another.

Comprehensive Business Intelligence Testing

BI Reports and OLAP Testing

Harness our software testing skills to check your BI reports and dashboards for accuracy, applicability, readability, and integration of business intelligence elements. We’ll validate your reports’ layout, calculation correctness, links and graphs accuracy, and more — all in an automated manner.

Our expert QA engineers will also check whether your reports are generated, updated, exported, and downloaded according to the established requirements such as time, frequency, and formats.

Increase Your Data Mobility with a Custom BI Solution

Access up-to-date information in a matter of seconds

Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions that Help Enhance Decision-Making

When it comes to BI, quick and easy access to critical information like KPIs, HR analytics, customer intelligence is a must. We build advanced mobile BI solutions that give you a 360-degree view of your company, on the go.

Tap Into Our Mobile BI Capabilities

Our BI team comprises expert frontend and backend developers who build intuitive, highly scalable mobile BI solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Outstanding Usability

Leverage our know-hows around business intelligence UX to create intuitive UIs with interactive, easy-to-use data dashboards.

  • User path analysis and optimization
  • Intuitive look and feel across all systems and devices
  • Seamless user onboarding
  • Customizable UIs for enhanced personalization
  • Adherence to Google and Apple design guidelines
  • End-to-end usability testing

Rock-Solid Performance

Count on our experienced backend architects to build blazing-fast mobile BI solutions.

  • Robust, fault-tolerant architectures
  • Microservices-driven solution design for unparallelled scalability
  • Support for hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users
  • Full-cycle performance engineering and testing

Increased Security

We follow best practices around information privacy and security to avoid your data being lost or accessed by unauthorized users.

  • Comprehensive data encryption
  • Support for biometric authentication
  • Sophisticated risk analysis
  • Automated security testing
  • Compliance with GDPR, PCI, and other standards

Hassle-Free Integrations

Unlock our comprehensive BI integration services to easily access up-to-date data from your mobile business intelligence app.

  • Seamlessly pulling data from enterprise software like CRM, ERP, and CMS
  • Smooth interaction with multiple connected devices
  • Robust data integration approaches, including virtualization, federation, warehousing, and more
  • Comprehensive integration testing

Feature-Rich Experience

Hire our highly qualified experts to get a mobile BI solution packed with advanced functionality.

  • ML-fueled insights into finance, marketing, HR, and more
  • Timely notifications about any data changes
  • RTC support for better collaborative decision-making
  • Thorough market and competition analysis

Mobile Testing Automation

Our QA team will develop a coherent mobile testing strategy and apply a mature test automation framework to reduce time to market and improve your solution’s quality.

  • Developing a QA approach that fully fits your business needs
  • Functional and non-functional testing across platforms and devices
  • Testing with real devices, emulators, and in the cloud
  • Setting up continuous delivery pipelines
  • All-encompassing progress reporting
  • Test maintenance and support

Extract More Value From Your Health Data

Leverage custom BI to enable better health outcomes and enhance patient satisfaction

Healthcare Business Intelligence Solutions

Modern healthcare industry is a treasure trove of digitized data. However, in many cases the immense potential of that data remains underused. We help caregivers design and implement healthcare business intelligence solutions that address their specific needs and objectives.

By getting the most out of what they already have, our clients are able to improve operational efficiency and have a lasting positive impact on the lives of their patients.

Our Health IT Know-Hows

Intelligent Clinical Workflow Automation

  • EMR and EHR platforms
  • Lab information systems
  • E-prescriptions
  • Hospital asset tracking
  • Revenue cycle management

Seamless, Across-the-Board Integrations

  • Building PCI-compliant payment integrations
  • Connecting telehealth and remote care platforms
  • Optimizing legacy systems’ interoperability
  • Ensuring HL7’s FHIR compliance
  • Covering PMS, LIS, pharmacies, insurance carriers, and more

Expert Data-Driven Decision-Making

  • 360° reporting and business intelligence
  • Powerful interactive dashboards
  • Intuitive data visualization for every stakeholder

Remote Chronic and Emergency Care

Unlock our comprehensive BI integration services to easily access up-to-date data from your mobile business intelligence app.

  • Real-time telemedicine solutions
  • Store-and-forward systems
  • mHealth and patient-generated data solutions

Ushering in the Smart Hospitals of the Future

  • Comprehensive health profiles in the cloud
  • AI-based data normalization and deduplication
  • Smart triage and treatment recommendations

IoHT Solutions

  • IoT-backed remote patient monitoring
  • IoT-driven data collection at scale
  • Healthcare climate systems and lab software development