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Transformative eLearning Solutions for Enterprises

Innovate to address tomorrow’s challenges

EdTech and eLearning Software Development and Customization

Industry experts cite cost reduction, universal availability, greater flexibility, and improved information retention among the top reasons why organizations are increasingly preferring eLearning to the conventional teaching methods.

Our eLearning Software Development Offer

Harness our many-year software development expertise to build custom eLearning solutions for your sector.

End-to-End eLearning Development

Whether you are looking for eLearning consulting services or need a quick ramp-up of your internal resources to build mission-critical edtech software, we’ve got your back.

IT Consulting

Leverage our full-fledged IT consulting services to address your key business needs. Underpinned by multi-year experience, we advise on best practices around enterprise digitalization, business-critical solutioning, and cross-domain development — all to drive value and propel your ahead of the competition.

Web Application Development

We know how to deliver comprehensive web experiences. Bank on our custom software development expertise to build disruptive B2B and B2C solutions with outstanding UI and UX, robust security, increased scalability, and AI-powered functionality.

Mobile App Development

Create an impactful mobile solution that delivers consistent cross-platform experiences without sacrificing look and feel. Enable secure in-app payments, seamless social media sharing, smooth video conferences, and much more. Take users by storm with powerful AR, VR, and AI capabilities.

Cloud Application Development

Rely on our digital know-how to build an overarching cloud solution from scratch, smoothly migrate your existing software to the cloud, or integrate your platform with first-tier cloud services like AWS or Azure. Let us ensure unparalleled scalability and flexibility for your cloud platform so that you could respond to market changes in a matter of seconds, not days.

IT Outsourcing

A reliable outsourcing partner, Brigadoon Technology has helped high-profile healthcare IT companies such as Harmony Healthcare IT and CPSI drive their business growth. Whether you want to engage a dedicated development team for your project or ramp up your internal resources with a rare skillset, we’re here to cover your needs.

Web Portal Development

We engineer mission-critical B2B and B2C web portals to sustain your business growth. Bank on our solid expertise to enhance your web portal with powerful search capabilities, video conferencing functionality, smooth knowledge management, advanced reporting, and more — for increased employee and customer loyalty.

Full Scope of edTech Services

We can step in and help you achieve your goals at any stage of your eLearning project, be it the initial concept or a battle-proven legacy system.

R&D and Consulting

  • AI-based innovations
  • End-to-end learning path mapping
  • Training efficiency audits
  • Reporting and analytics modules
  • Payment integration
  • Data security

Custom eLearning Solutions

  • Turnkey Learning Management Systems and Digital Learning Platforms
  • Multi-tenant white-label solutions
  • Tutoring systems for one-on-one online courses
  • Sophisticated user permission systems

System Enhancement

  • Legacy system migration and enhancement
  • Mobile optimization
  • Adding powerful components for enrolment, scheduling, questionnaires, and course building
  • Collaboration functionality, including file and media sharing

Deep Domain Expertise in CPE Solutions

We design end-to-end learning paths that can be adjusted to the needs of any learner, including new hires, regular staff, and C-level executives.
We are here to help you get the best out of eLearning software. Reach out to an edtech expert to discuss the optimal eLearning roadmap based on your organization’s needs and objectives.

Custom Mobile Learning Solutions

Leverage mobile to increase learning availability, boost engagement, and open up additional revenue opportunities

We build mobile learning solutions that exceed user expectations

Partner with experienced mobile learning app development engineers to make your solution the best product-market fit.

Outstanding usability

Create a ubiquitous learning experience with a mobile app that runs smoothly on any operating system. Increase user satisfaction with an easy login process, seamless onboarding, and advanced search. Ensure intuitive navigation not only on mobile, but also on tablets and wearables.

Rock-solid security

Leverage our know-how around data encryption, biometric authentication, risk management, and disaster recovery to secure your mLearning app. Our security and penetration testing experts will ensure your solution is safe against fraud and complies with major security and data privacy standards, including OWASP, PCI DSS, and GDPR.

Excellent performance

Capitalize on our unique blend of CDN integration services and performance engineering skills to make your mobile learning solution support a growing number of concurrent learners. Use best practices around battery life, RAM, GPU, and data caching optimization to ensure lightning-fast app operation at all times.

Novel functionality

Hire our mLearning developers to speed up your digital innovation. Provide solid gamification capabilities, AR-fueled maps and instructions, smart chatbots, and computer vision-powered student identification. Use our artificial intelligence knowledge to enable personalized recommendations, deep insights into student performance, and more.

Smooth integrations

Follow industry-leading guidelines such as AICC, SCORM, and xAPI to build a highly interoperable mobile learning solution. Our comprehensive integration testing will make sure your app can easily communicate with LMS, ERP, CRM, payment gateways, social media, and other third-party platforms.

We deliver a full suite of mobile learning solutions

Advanced risk managementCorporate training apps

  • HR management and recruiting solutions
  • Employee onboarding apps that educate on a company’s products and services
  • Advanced performance review management
  • Feature-rich online sales training solutions

Language learning apps

  • AI-powered learner skill level identification
  • Multi-level course building
  • A great variety of learning formats, including writing, listening comprehension, podcasts, and meet-ups with other students
  • Smart lessons personalization

Mobile campus apps

  • Powerful messaging capabilities, including audio and video communication
  • Advanced curriculum and schedule management
  • Multimedia libraries with educational content
  • Social media functionality such as gamified profiles, group chats, forums, and more

mLearning apps for kids

  • Preschool education solutions
  • Mobile games to learn colors, shadows, shapes, sizes, and more
  • Apps for enhancing vocabulary and spelling skills
  • Games for training attention, memory, problem-solving, and more

Special education apps

  • Apps for dyslexia and learning disabilities
  • Autism therapy apps to improve attention, language, and visual skills
  • Visual reading solutions
  • mLearning apps that motivate learners to develop motor, cognitive and communication skills through play and music

End-to-end eLearning Portal Development

Addressing major challenges of today’s learners

Full-fledged eLearning portal development services

Whether you need to customize your eLearning portal or enhance it with innovative features, we’ve got you covered.

End-to-end development

From comprehensive eLearning consulting and product ideation to agile-driven development and continuous portal improvement, we’re here to assist you. Our subject-matter experts know what functionality your solution needs to stand out from the crowd and bring revenue.

Innovation enablement

Use our knowledge around APIs, custom connector development, and integration testing to smoothly pair up your eLearning portal with any third-party solution, including ERP, CRM, social media, and payment systems.

Solution enhancement

We have the right skills and tools to perfect your eLearning portal in terms of usability, performance, reliability, and security. You can also rely on our engineers to smoothly migrate your solution database — we ensure a high level of business continuity.

Third-party integrations

Equip your solution with trailblazing features while staying in line with your institution’s policies and requirements. Go with a market leader in digital transformation to enable hyper-personalized course recommendations, computer-powered proctoring, and more.

eLearning portal development: Ensuring outstanding user experience

Develop a user-centric eLearning portal with clear UI, smooth onboarding, personalized learning paths, and powerful search. Show students how much you care about them by optimizing your solution for mobile, tablet, and smartwatch as well as following WCAG accessibility guidelines.
Our backend specialists are well-versed in engineering fault-tolerant, highly scalable infrastructures that comfortably withstand peak traffic. We also perform comprehensive load and stress testing to make sure your portal can deliver round-the-clock service to thousands of concurrent learners.
Leverage our expertise around DRM, encryption, access control, and watermarking to protect your licensed content from theft and unauthorized use. Create coherent risk management and disaster recovery strategies. Set user mind at ease by complying with GDPR, PCI DSS, and other personal information protection regulations.

Capitalize on our cross-domain knowledge to revamp your eLearning portal

Powerful online video capabilities

  • Live streaming of audio and video material
  • Multi-CDN setups to ensure glitch-free viewing experiences for thousands of simultaneous learners around the world
  • Multiple video content monetization models, including subscriptions, pay-per-course options, and in-video advertisements
  • Extensive libraries with on-demand video content

Effective user and course management

  • Versatile user management with support for roles like administrators, tutors, and students
  • Social media integration for smooth user signups and result sharing
  • Easy-to-use tools for uploading, updating, rescheduling, and disabling courses
  • AI-fueled course generation on the basis of various lessons
  • Comprehensive document management

Exam taking and certification

  • An extensive analysis of question libraries and AI-enabled exam generation
  • Sophisticated reviewing and rating
  • Self-assessment functionality
  • Photo and video exam monitoring
  • Electronic signature support

Cutting-edge proctoring

  • Accurate exam monitoring for hundreds of simultaneous users around the world
  • High-precision face recognition for student identity validation
  • Cutting-edge keystroke recognition to assess learner typing patterns
  • Support for live and automated sessions


  • Customized gamification experiences
  • Advanced rewarding functionality: points, levels, badges, leaderboards, and more
  • Discount-based loyalty programs

In-depth reporting

  • Detailed insights into tutor efficiency
  • BI-powered learner progress tracking
  • Increased visibility into the entire learning process, including lesson and course completion, budget spending, and rewards

Enterprise Learning Management Systems

Empower your in-house staff and extended enterprise assets with the tools they need to become a stronger and more productive workforce. Leverage a modern enterprise learning management system to nurture knowledge, reduce the skills gap, and keep your organization ahead of the competition.

Discover the Power Behind a Bespoke Enterprise Learning Management System

Fast and Easy Employee Onboarding

Welcome your employees with a streamlined onboarding process to help new hires quickly integrate into the corporate culture. With an enterprise LMS in place, you can easily tailor onboarding to a specific position to better prepare newcomers for the job and decrease the turnover rate.

Workforce Upskilling and Reskilling

With today’s fast-changing markets, skills are becoming the new currency. A centralized learning system allows you to organize continuous upskilling of your workforce to create empowered employees with higher performance rates — your biggest competitive advantage.

Improved Talent Retention

Leverage a modern enterprise learning management system to attract and keep the best talent on board. High-quality training and expertise sharing, tailored learning paths and progression plans — foster professional growth and map out an employee’s future with the company to personalize it and significantly increase motivation.

Discover the Power Behind a Bespoke Enterprise Learning Management System

Tap into the power of edtech to beat low engagement and poor performance with personalized learning experiences and self-paced training. Add gamification features to improve interactivity and drive excitement. And by rewarding achievements and success, you can provide your employees with a sense of recognition and improve engagement.

Enterprise-Wide Reporting and Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics to unlock the true value of your LMS data. Track learners’ activity in real time, assess engagement, and measure training efficiency to better tailor your educational content and improve learning outcomes.

Accelerate Time to Value for Your Next Enterprise LMS Project

Lectures, conferences, webinars, workshops, social events, and meetups — bring these educational opportunities closer to your employees with live streaming functionality. Experts in video, we will help you choose, integrate, and customize an online video platform that supports your learning objectives.
Build a strong VoD library of educational materials to provide your learners with instant access to an expert knowledge pool to watch anywhere, any time, and on any device. Automatically convert recorded live events to continuously enrich your portfolio of on-demand video resources.
We’ll reanimate poorly written code using a set of best practices — from code review and refactoring to documentation and maintenance. To enable further solution enhancement, we can also reverse engineer the existing artifacts when the sources are missing or not available.
Lectures, conferences, webinars, workshops, social events, and meetups — bring these educational opportunities closer to your employees with live streaming functionality. Experts in video, we will help you choose, integrate, and customize an online video platform that supports your learning objectives.
Put your learners front and center with personalized learning journeys tailored uniquely to their needs. Infused with machine learning, your LMS can help you gain deep insights into learners’ behavior and unearth skills gaps to deliver hyper-targeted content for more impactful learning.
Leverage our expertise in computer vision to significantly improve search and streamline learning activities. With CV-driven image analysis and video assets auto-tagging, pulling relevant information becomes a breeze.

Custom Learning Management Systems

Reinventing the learning process

End-to-End Development of Custom Learning Management Systems

We bring our multi-year software development expertise to design and deliver a tailored LMS solution for your employees, partners, or clients.

With high-profile eLearning experts on board, we’re here to assist you at any stage of the LMS development life cycle:
  • Data-driven consulting with on-site and off-site visits
  • LMS enhancement and custom components development
  • eLearning system development from scratch
  • Seamless integrations with third-party software
  • Continuous system improvement and end-to-end quality assurance
  • Comprehensive IT support (L1, L2, and L3)

Develop a Custom LMS to Address Your Key Business Needs

Underpinned by our multi-year eLearning consulting competence, we perform a detailed business case analysis to identify all possible gaps in your learning process. Then, our experts devise a long-term eLearning strategy featuring key stakeholders prioritization and detailed learner roadmaps.
Capitalize on our business automation know-how to revamp your eLearning workflows. Introduce advanced user and course management, real-time success tracking, and state-of-the-art scheduling. Enhance your LMS with authoring tools for on-the-fly content management as well as its automatic translation and localization.
Underpinned by our multi-year eLearning consulting competence, we perform a detailed business case analysis to identify all possible gaps in your learning process. Then, our experts devise a long-term eLearning strategy featuring key stakeholders prioritization and detailed learner roadmaps.
Bank on gamification to make your educational courses an enjoyable place to go. We pair up our eLearning expertise with solid martech know-how to create engaging 2D and 3D graphics, quests, loyalty programs, and more. We can also help you enhance learner interactions with hyper-personalized course recommendations.
Use the power of eLearning solutions to increase education availability. Share valuable knowledge across your overseas branches and reach out to students and employees living in remote areas. Optimize your LMS for mobile, tablet, and smartwatch so that learners could easily access online materials and check course updates anytime, anywhere.
Tap into distant learning to save on hiring, onboarding, serving, engaging, and retaining on-site training specialists. Engineer a custom LMS to eliminate subscription fees and costly upgrades in the future. Mitigate training costs through automatic user onboarding, evaluation, and certification.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge With an Enterprise-Grade LMS

  • Video conferencing supporting large numbers of simultaneous users
  • Desktop sharing and co-browsing
  • CDN setups for smooth viewing experiences
  • Second-screen features for enhanced learner engagement
  • Rich on-demand libraries with multimedia content
  • Support for VR and 360-degree video content
  • Powerful RTC tools to enable personal messaging and group chats
  • Advanced live-to-VoD functionality
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Accurate teacher efficiency assessment
  • Learner success evaluation
  • Computer vision-enabled proctoring
  • Сourse monetization models such as recurring subscriptions, pay-per-course options, in-video advertisements, licencing, and more
  • Easy-to-use course purchasing workflows
  • Smooth integrations with multiple payment gateways
  • Cloud learning management system development
  • Expertise in private, public, and hybrid clouds
  • LMS migration to the cloud, including migration and business continuity testing
  • Smooth integration with major cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure, and more
  • Best practices around cross-platform development
  • Optimization for any device, from tablets to smartwatches
  • Pixel-perfect UIs and animations
  • AR- and VR-based simulation of highly specialised real-world environments
  • Single or multi-user modes for training sessions
  • Easy access to learning materials via VR headset or a web browser