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Healthcare Mobile App Development

We are now used to managing many aspects of our lives with the help of specialized apps. It’s fast, it’s convenient, and it’s easy to learn for anyone who has a good grasp of how a smartphone works.
Reaching patients with a custom healthcare app is a great way to foster engagement and deliver medical services with a personal touch. At the same time, mobile opens countless opportunities to automate daily routines for clinical staff and increase their efficiency.

Our Clients

Our mobile developers build consumer and enterprise mHealth applications to serve every purpose in the clinical setting and beyond.
  • Hospitals
  • Health systems
  • Outpatient care
  • Pharmacies

Your Benefits

Mobility for Personnel

mHealth apps can be tailored to any kind of mobile device and workflow within your organization. Enable your nurses, doctors, and non-medical staff to access and edit EHR records during rounds, look up multi-drug interactions, and keep up with the schedule on the go.

Better Patient Involvement

The patient’s commitment makes the difference between recuperation and complication. Promote positive outcomes by pushing health recommendations directly to their mobile screens, or let patients update their records and track progress on the way to pre-set goals.

Independence for Patients

The ability to complete health-related tasks independently is the main draw of mHealth, especially for rural and bedridden patients. Features like scheduling, real-time physician availability, video consults, and online Rx refills save time and eliminate the need to travel.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Integration with the rest of your Health IT (such as EHR, telehealth, or PHM) elevates mHealth apps from mobile assistants to sources of analyzable health data. Further down the line, this translates into more accurate predictions and better decision-making.

Technological Innovation

Staying on top of new tech means staying competitive. Leverage our medical app development services to explore the benefits of mobile AR. The possibilities are endless — from teaching interns on interactive 3D anatomical models to virtual surgery.

Brand Reputation Perks

Branded healthcare apps go a long way in marketing your service and ensuring patient retention. At the same time, features like in-app ratings and online review management will help track your performance and prompt your staff to act in time to keep patient satisfaction high.

Uncover the Potential of Mobile Health

In healthcare, small screens can help accomplish big things. Reach out to our Health IT team to work out a viable mHealth strategy for your needs and capabilities and match your ideas with the best of mobile technology.

Reinventing Healthcare for the Connected Age

Custom Telehealth Software

Innovative telemedicine solutions to deliver the right care, at the right time
Ready access to healthcare services is an important aspect of a person’s well-being. However, all too often long distances, time constraints, disabilities, lack of available specialists, and other factors make traditional face-to-face appointments impractical and costly.

Our Telehealth Competencies

mHealth Apps

Clinical care can only do so much — patients need to meet their physician halfway to guarantee a lasting positive outcome. Brigadoon Technology allows providers to boost engagement by reaching patients on their mobile devices with multi-purpose mHealth apps.

Give patients an easy way to make appointments, enable video calls for on-the-go consults, educate outpatients on preventive care, send out reminders to encourage treatment compliance, and conduct quick surveys to keep improving care delivery.

Real-Time Interactive Solutions

To make online visits as informative as face-to-face appointments, our team infuses video-based telehealth solutions with rich functionality such as file-sharing, recording, and support for connected medical devices.

Reach patients in remote locations, consult colleagues before making referrals, mentor the patient’s relatives about administering care at home — we’ll ensure the ultimate sound and picture quality to eliminate unnecessary distractions.

Store-and-Forward Solutions

A picture can be worth a thousand words, which is especially true for evidence-based medical fields like radiology or dermatology.

Enable your staff to exchange high-resolution photos, CT scans, MRIs, X-ray images, and other non-textual PHI quickly and securely to promote team collaboration and support clinical decisions in specialty care.

Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring multiple outpatients at the same time can put a significant strain on your resources. We build remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions that combine continuous transmission of a patient’s vitals from wireless sensors with sophisticated data analysis to detect adverse trends as early as possible.

Use this approach to allow postoperative and chronic patients more autonomy while preventing unnecessary readmissions and helping doctors concentrate on cases that need immediate intervention.

Virtual Reality

As the hardware becomes more accessible, more and more providers are looking at the possibility of implementing VR-assisted methods of treatment and medical training.

Offer your patients immersive telerehabilitation for conditions from PTSD to spinal cord injury, or enable your surgeons to rehearse complex interventions with dynamic 3D models based on MRIs and CT scans.

Bringing Care Right Where Your Patients Are

When doctors are empowered to deliver personalized care beyond the hospital ward, everybody wins. Contact our tech experts to explore the opportunities of telemedicine for your practice.

Extract More Value From Your Health Data

Leverage custom BI to enable better health outcomes and enhance patient satisfaction

Healthcare Business Intelligence Solutions

Modern healthcare industry is a treasure trove of digitized data. However, in many cases the immense potential of that data remains underused. We help caregivers design and implement healthcare business intelligence solutions that address their specific needs and objectives.

By getting the most out of what they already have, our clients are able to improve operational efficiency and have a lasting positive impact on the lives of their patients.

Our Health IT Know-Hows

Intelligent Clinical Workflow Automation

  • EMR and EHR platforms
  • Lab information systems
  • E-prescriptions
  • Hospital asset tracking
  • Revenue cycle management

Seamless, Across-the-Board Integrations

  • Building PCI-compliant payment integrations
  • Connecting telehealth and remote care platforms
  • Optimizing legacy systems’ interoperability
  • Ensuring HL7’s FHIR compliance
  • Covering PMS, LIS, pharmacies, insurance carriers, and more

Expert Data-Driven Decision-Making

  • 360° reporting and business intelligence
  • Powerful interactive dashboards
  • Intuitive data visualization for every stakeholder

Remote Chronic and Emergency Care

Unlock our comprehensive BI integration services to easily access up-to-date data from your mobile business intelligence app.

  • Real-time telemedicine solutions
  • Store-and-forward systems
  • mHealth and patient-generated data solutions

Ushering in the Smart Hospitals of the Future

  • Comprehensive health profiles in the cloud
  • AI-based data normalization and deduplication
  • Smart triage and treatment recommendations

IoHT Solutions

  • IoT-backed remote patient monitoring
  • IoT-driven data collection at scale
  • Healthcare climate systems and lab software development

Robust IoT Applications for the Healthcare Industry

Leveraging web, mobile, and medical devices to enable next-gen quality of care

Tailored IoT solutions for healthcare providers

We lend our expertise to help healthcare providers of every specialization and caliber design innovative IoT solutions and enhance legacy systems to take advantage of IoT.

Health data collection and analytics

Quickly and efficiently, collect more health-related data than ever before to enrich the health profiles of your patients. Apply sophisticated tools to process the information and generate deep insights into health outcomes on individual or population level.

  • Fast and easy health data exchange
  • Large-scale data collection via web, mobile, consumer wearables, and medical devices
  • Data-driven diagnostics, including CV-assisted medical imaging
  • Inpatient monitoring (smart BP cuffs, glucometers, holters, etc.)
  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM)
  • IoT solutions for population health management (PHM)
  • Patient-generated data solutions and mHealth apps (Google Fit, Apple HealthKit)

Building enterprise-grade IoT solutions

Flawless connectivity

  • Integrating communication modules with medical devices
  • A variety of network protocols, including Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, WiFi, LoRaWAN, MQTT, etc.
  • Extended wireless mesh networks for large-scale facilities

Industry-specific UI and UX design

  • Medical specialization-focused UX and UI
  • Clean, uncluttered interfaces designed for efficiency
  • Implementation of voice, haptics, and gesture control

Robust health data security development

  • Fault-tolerant system architectures
  • Enterprise-grade SSL/TLS encryption of data in motion and securing data at rest (AES-256 or better)
  • Secured and fail-safe over-the-air firmware updates

Regulation compliance

  • Privacy-driven system design
  • Streaming data to the cloud via protected gateways
  • Strict compliance with healthcare industry standards (HIPAA, HITECH, SSAE, FDA regulations, etc.)


  • Legacy network architecture analysis and consulting to ensure IoT scalability
  • Integrating cloud and hybrid storage for optimal reliability
  • On-demand access to storage space and computational power
  • Scalability-driven architecture design

Quality assurance

Powerful data analytics

  • Analyzing large volumes of unstructured data from a range of sources
  • Real-time analytics for fact-based diagnostics
  • Interactive dashboards accessible to non-tech users
  • Sophisticated reporting with actionable health data insights

Population Health Management Software

Custom population health management software that helps providers leverage their own data to improve patient experiences, impact the health of local communities, and curb costs.

Putting Health Data Into Action

Our data management experts design custom solutions that cover the entire PHM workflow.
We start with pulling health data from multiple, often unrelated, sources: EHRs, telehealth solutions, health information exchanges, eRx, medical claims, and even wearables. Flexibility is key, so we enable our solutions to accept data of any type.
Next comes the process of data normalization that brings all the various formats and codes to a common denominator. Rigorous filtering helps eliminate duplicate records that are often created when a patient is logged into many disparate systems.

Finally, the PHM system builds longitudinal profiles that provide the full picture of a patient’s health. This holistic record can be used to develop and evaluate health strategies of any scale — from personalized care plans to population health initiatives.

Your Benefits

No more integration woes or duplicated records. With all the necessary info at hand and shareable 24/7, your clinical staff can start delivering value-based care on a community scale.

Outline Sub-Populations

Advanced data analytics helps providers identify at-risk patients and divide them into groups with similar conditions. Every group is monitored by a team of caregivers who proactively address negative trends and manage chronic care.

Enhanced communication

Enable your staff to interact with colleagues, patients, and payers via HIPAA-compliant tech. Attach these interactions to patient records to be recalled when needed.

Discover Gaps in Care

When multiple record systems are used side by side, crucial details can slip through the cracks. A PHM solution allows providers to pinpoint gaps in service delivery, predict complications before they occur, and follow up with the right action to prevent readmissions.

Population health management

Engage patients and their families by encouraging them to submit health data, check lab results, give feedback, or request appointments online.

Stratify Health Risks

By assigning risk levels to individuals and groups, a custom PHM solution helps prioritize interventions and coordinate clinical resources within the continuum of care. This way, every member of your stuff is utilized to the best of their abilities.

Interactive patient portals

Use the data stored within your EHR to implement population health management solutions and gain the tools to influence public health at community level.

Custom EMR and EHR Solutions

Driving value-based care and securing PHI

Partner with a Leading EMR and EHR Software Development Company

Electronic records are a must for any medical practice that wants to stay competitive in the modern healthcare landscape and continue to deliver positive health outcomes. Switching to digital gives medical personnel the ability to collect, store, access, and share patient data in an efficient and secure manner.

We leverage over a decade of experience in EMR and EHR software development to help healthcare organizations of all sizes transform their workflows and take their quality of service to the next level.

Full-Fledged EMR System Development

Our team prototypes and develops custom EMR solutions that give your clinical staff access to the whole range of patient data, including basic vitals, medical history, ICD-10 codes, medications, allergies, test results, and more. Increased accessibility makes it easier to track changes over time, promoting precise diagnosing and effective treatment planning.

Based on the specifics of your practice, we add and customize functionality to create an EMR system that is perfectly suited to cover your needs. Here are some of the features we commonly work with:

  • Medical scheduling
  • Wearables
  • Charting
  • E-prescribing
  • Telemedicine options
  • Patient portals

Build Enterprise-Grade EHR Software

Besides a patient’s medical history, EHRs hold other relevant information such as insurance details, demographic data, data from personal fitness devices, etc. Our custom EHR solutions help leading healthcare organizations revolutionize their approach to patient data management.

Streamlined Interoperability

Seamlessly integrate disparate systems and devices to facilitate secure data sharing across departments and providers while en­suring the uniformity of data presentation.

Enhanced Communication

Enable your staff to interact with colleagues, patients, and payers via HIPAA-compliant tech. Attach these interactions to patient records to be recalled when needed.

Advanced Decision Support

Give medical professionals access to advanced decision-support tools and features such as drug incompatibility alerts and symptoms monitoring in chronic care.

Interactive Patient Portals

Engage patients and their families by encouraging them to submit health data, check lab results, give feedback, or request appointments online.

Smarter Care Coordination

Make complete and up-to-date health records instantly available to authorized caregivers to reduce medical errors and coordinate effort between multiple specialists and care settings.

Population Health Management

Use the data stored within your EHR to implement population health management solutions and gain the tools to influence public health at community level.

Smart Healthcare Solutions

Our clients transit to digital healthcare and reach better outcomes

Custom Healthcare Software Development

A leading medical software development company, Brigadoon Technology provides caregivers with task-driven solutions that enhance diagnostics and treatment, improve medical workflows, engage patients, and tackle day-to-day challenges on the way to value-based care.
We build custom healthcare solutions to help health systems, hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and other providers improve patient outcomes, balance costs, and secure PHI.

Our Health IT Know-Hows

Intelligent Clinical Workflow Automation

  • Medical software, including EMR, EHR, PHM solutions
  • Lab information systems
  • E-prescriptions

Seamless, Across-the-Board Integrations

  • Building PCI-compliant payment integrations
  • Connecting telehealth solutions and remote care platforms
  • Optimizing legacy systems’ interoperability

Expert Data-Driven Decision-Making

  • Comprehensive healthcare data management
  • 360° reporting and holistic patient view
  • Tailored healthcare BI solutions

Remote Chronic and Emergency Care

  • Real-time telemedicine solutions
  • Store-and-forward systems
  • Patient-generated data solutions

Ushering in the Smart Hospitals of the Future

  • Comprehensive health profiles in the cloud
  • ML-driven computer vision for diagnostics
  • Autonomous patient monitoring

A Smarter Care Journey

  • IoT-backed remote patient monitoring
  • IoT-driven data collection at scale
  • Healthcare climate systems and lab software development
  • Healthcare solutions for managing population health using specialized devices

Improving Patient Outcomes with AI-Driven Healthcare

  • AI-based data normalization and de-duplication
  • Smart AI solutions to empower triage decisions
  • Accurate patient risk assessment

All-In-One Healthcare Ecosystems

  • Engaging user-facing portals that streamline patient experience
  • Content-rich medical staff portals with sophisticated access control
  • Continuous data collection on web, mobile wearables, and other medical devices
  • Tracing care journeys via holistic health profiles

Robust System and Data Security

  • Medical specialization-specific UX and UI expertise
  • Clean, uncluttered interfaces designed for efficiency
  • Disability-conscious design for patient-facing systems

Focus on Usability and Ease of Use

  • Medical specialization-specific UX and UI expertise
  • Clean, uncluttered interfaces designed for efficiency
  • Disability-conscious design for patient-facing systems

Leverage Our Solid Healthcare Software Development Expertise

Whether you need an interactive patient portal, an advanced health tracker, or a feature-rich analytics solution with powerful cloud capabilities, we’ve got you covered.

IT Consulting

Leverage our full-fledged IT consulting services to address your key business needs. Underpinned by multi-year experience, we advise on best practices around enterprise digitalization, business-critical solutioning, and cross-domain development — all to drive value and propel your ahead of the competition.

Web Application Development

We know how to deliver comprehensive web experiences. Bank on our custom software development expertise to build disruptive B2B and B2C solutions with outstanding UI and UX, robust security, increased scalability, and AI-powered functionality.

Mobile App Development

Create an impactful mobile solution that delivers consistent cross-platform experiences without sacrificing look and feel. Enable secure in-app payments, seamless social media sharing, smooth video conferences, and much more. Take users by storm with powerful AR, VR, and AI capabilities.

Cloud Application Development

Rely on our digital know-how to build an overarching cloud solution from scratch, smoothly migrate your existing software to the cloud, or integrate your platform with first-tier cloud services like AWS or Azure. Let us ensure unparalleled scalability and flexibility for your cloud platform so that you could respond to market changes in a matter of seconds, not days.

IT Outsourcing

A reliable outsourcing partner, Brigadoon Technology has helped high-profile healthcare IT companies such as Harmony Healthcare IT and CPSI drive their business growth. Whether you want to engage a dedicated development team for your project or ramp up your internal resources with a rare skillset, we’re here to cover your needs.

Web Portal Development

We engineer mission-critical B2B and B2C web portals to sustain your business growth. Bank on our solid expertise to enhance your web portal with powerful search capabilities, video conferencing functionality, smooth knowledge management, advanced reporting, and more — for increased employee and customer loyalty.