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Process Excellence

Reliability, predictability and transparency for your endeavors

Reach Milestones With Confidence

We provide comprehensive managed services enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions and simplifying prioritization. From advanced requirement and communication management to quality assurance and risk mitigation, we’ve got your back.

Earned Value Management

  • Startup-minded teams geared for product co-creation
  • Daily reporting on performance indexes
  • Performing immediate corrective action to keep the project on track
  • Variance detection
  • Analyzing root causes of emerging issues
  • TCO analysis

97% Release Predictability

  • Team velocity calculation
  • Continuous monitoring, reporting, and control
  • Risk evaluation
  • Planning risk-based velocity estimation
  • Establishing the number of iterations for a release
  • Product backlog estimation on epic and story level

Big Picture, Detailed

  • Requirements elaboration and formalization
  • Requirements testing
  • Interdependency identification
  • Flexible requirements change management

Productive Collaboration

  • Regular health checks
  • Voice- and video-conferencing
  • A single shared workspace
  • On-site meetings
  • Structured knowledge management
  • Thorough reporting on project status

Structured and Retained

  • Versioned document management
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Powerful asset management
  • Powerful asset management
  • Data is accompanied by easy-to-understand charts and graphs
  • Routine use of the Atlassian stack with a focus on Confluence

Integrated QA Process

  • Adaptive testing strategy, end-to-end coverage
  • Separate teams dedicated to specific types of testing, such as functional, usability, acceptance, etc.
  • Involving QA experts as early as possible
  • Keeping the testing parallel to development
  • Enabling the team to discover and fix problems before they become costly

Maintenance and Support

After deploying to production, we can additionally provide two maintenance and support options upon the client’s request.

  • Ad-hoc support.
  • Issues are resolved following an ad-hoc request. The client pays only for the actual effort.
  • Dedicated monthly support.
  • A dedicated team of engineers resolves issues on a monthly basis. The client pays an hourly rate based on the level of engineers allocated.


Agile Squads

  • Startup-minded teams geared for product co-creation
  • Frequent incremental delivery of shippable value
  • Utmost flexibility to effectively accommodate scope changes
  • End-to-end reporting for 360-degree visibility

Scope Driven

  • High predictability of releases and milestones
  • Real-time intelligent overview of project health
  • Early risk assessment and expert corrective actions
  • Two-level control of project success by dedicated delivery managers

Managed Dedicated Teams

  • Cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams of T-shaped professionals
  • Adjustable team composition to match varying project needs
  • Predictable and cost-effective resources scaling
  • Dedicated PMOs responsible for overall project success

Digital Transformation Delivery Center

We leverage governance frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS, and PRINCE2 to seamlessly scale from projects to programs while ensuring positive business outcomes.
Digital transformation
  • Dedicated program management and delivery center
  • Certified Scrum Masters and strategically aligned delivery managers
  • Centers of Excellence (CoE) for R&D, PMO, quality, talent management, and more
  • Identifying and handling cross-team dependencies
  • Comprehensive portfolio analysis and initiatives identification
  • Effective shared resources and team cadence management
  • Process, architecture, and infrastructure synchronization across projects
  • Schedule and budget management at a program level

Tech Excellence

Robust engineering culture throughout the enterprise

Continuous Delivery Culture

Engineering Excellence

  • Comprehensive DevOps consulting: implementation models, toolchains, and more
  • Compliance with enterprise-grade code standards (PSR, Airbnb, PEP, and more)
  • Cloud-agnostic and cloud-specific CI/CD pipelines
  • Establishing custom in-house code guidelines
  • Automation testing underpinned by an in-house QA framework
  • Static and dynamic analysis to detect code smells and sniffers, security flaws, etc.
  • Continuous regression testing to maximize release predictability
  • Best practices including pair programming, code reviews, refactoring, and more
  • Automated build integrations triggered by code changes
  • An average of 90% unit tests code coverage
  • Early security tools integration
  • Comprehensive code documentation management
  • Solid ROI metrics to gauge process efficiency
  • Robust education and mentoring program

Outstanding UX and UI

  • User-centric analysis and journey mapping
  • Rapid wireframing and prototyping
  • Clean, captivating, pixel-perfect UIs across platforms
  • Easy user onboarding and intuitive navigation
  • Stunning animations and effects
  • Leveraging guidelines by Google and Apple, as well as the Carbon design system
  • A/B and multivariate user behavior testing

Scalability of Delivery

Building, scaling, and optimizing processes and resources

Scalable Process Evolution

From exploratory R&D endeavors to managed dedicated teams to large Scrum projects, we help you scale effectively, confidently, and in line with your needs

Centralized Program Governance

SAFe, LeSS, DAD, PRINCE2®, PMBOK® — we utilize the best governance frameworks to ensure efficient management across multiple project structures, portfolios, and accounts.

Structured Knowledge Management

To ensure seamless knowledge sharing, we help you capture, store, and systemize the data gained from multiple projects reducing time-to-insight and promoting collaboration.

Program Risk Management

We take a proactive approach to help you identify, assess, and mitigate risks at the project level to reliably achieve milestones, stay within the scope, and keep the program on track.

Budget Management

We leverage powerful Earned Value Management (EVM) tools to analyze cost and performance, detect variances, find the root cause, and implement corrective actions to prevent budget overruns, even for large-scale programs.